Monday, February 13, 2012

What Love is About by Christian Fowler

I asked Christian if she would share her thoughts on love. She's one of our youngest writers...19 years old....and is a full time student at Liberty University. I'm so glad she agreed to write for us. I know you'll be glad, too.

Love isn't simply for boyfriends and girlfriends or even husbands and wives; love is something that can be shared throughout a family or even amongst friends. When you find a friend who automatically knows what is going on in your life before you even tell them about it, don't let them go, that's love. The friend that doesn't judge you for the things that you've done but rather cares for you in spite of your mistakes, that's love. The one that shows up at your house everyday, while you're going through a loss, just to make sure you're okay; that's love. Right when you feel that nobody knows what you're going through or the fact that you're struggling, those that love you will know just by looking at you or sometimes just by hearing your voice over a phone.
People mistake love for a feeling they get when they have a crush on somebody else. You get butterflies in your stomach just by thinking about them, they carry your books to class and tell you that you're pretty. That's all fine and dandy, but that's not what love is about. When you love somebody it's no longer just about you, when your friend is sick you make sure they're okay, when your family is hurting you go to great lengths to make them as comfortable as possible or try to help them feel better.
Prayer is the number one sign of love. If you truly love somebody and you're saved, you should be praying for them. What happens to them, whether the good the bad or the ugly, you can't control that; you can only be there for them through the tough times and rejoice with them through the good times. Knowing that you can't keep them from the bad shouldn't discourage you, it should make you desire even more to pray for them since God, the creator of all things, can be there for them in more ways than you ever could. God can help them and comfort them more than we ever could. So why not pray for them and lift them up to God for Him to protect them and watch over them? If you truly love someone or if they truly love you, you guys should be praying for each other and allowing God to be in control.

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